Playing poker

We're hanging out on my back porch again this month. At 7:00pm we'll start our game of no money Texas Hold'em for fun. Many of us are parents of younger kids, so the big attraction for us is the table talk, cigars, and liquor rather than finding a serious money game. We'll also have a Wii set up (Golf and SmashBros FTW!) as well as board games and a second TV to watch for those who wash out.

We can comfortably accommodate up to 22 people at three tables for the opening round. We usually have a broad range of skill levels. Sometimes card sharps come in and clean us out, but we also have scoring cheatsheets and go slow for the first couple of hands. The rules aren't that hard and we will always stop to help if you have questions, so don't let a lack of poker experience stop you from coming.

The average age has been 30s - 40s, so prepare yourself for Dad jokes if you're a young'un. Most of the regulars work in a technology or engineering job, particularly Lockheed and other local government contractors. We usually get a few younger people from UCF or Valencia each month. Spouses are welcome to hang out even if they don't play poker. And for the record, there will be no MLM, timeshare, or religious stuff... just a bunch of people hanging out and playing poker.

Date: Saturday, February 24th, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM to midnight-ish
Where: My back porch

Be warned, there's gonna be cigars, whiskey, and craft beers. I've got a humidor full of Oliva and Macanudo cigars I'll be sharing. You can contact me on Facebook, Reddit, or via email for directions and more details.

If you can't make it this month, don't worry because we're planning on doing this about once a month all year.

Your Hosts,
Tony and Justin